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TCA announces Webfleet as a certified service provider for TMA and RIM 

15 February 2024

Transport Certification Australia (TCA) has certified Webfleet as an application service provider for both Telematics Monitoring Application (TMA) and Road Infrastructure Management (RIM) applications under the National Telematics Framework.

Webfleet, Bridgestone’s global fleet management solution, has operated in Australia for over 10 years, providing services related to fleet management, vehicle telematics and connected vehicles. 

Gavin Hill, General Manager Strategy and Delivery at TCA welcomed Webfleet’s certification, which includes type-approval of their telematics device – the LINK 740.

“Increasing the number of certified technology providers in the National Telematics Framework ecosystem creates more choices for transport operators and fosters innovation and best practice in the industry,” he said. 

Paddy Goodall, TCA’s General Manager Operations, congratulated Webfleet on their type-approval. 

“TCA’s assurance processes include the type-approval of telematics devices and Smart on-board mass systems, and the certification and audit of application service providers. Our processes provide confidence to all stakeholders who rely on digital technology and data by ensuring the performance-based functional and technical requirements (articulated in TCA’s specifications) are satisfied,” he said.

Webfleet’s Australian and New Zealand Country Manager, Jonny Clarke, emphasised the importance of certification and alignment to the National Telematics Framework for Webfleet.

“Ensuring and improving road safety, for not only our customers, but all road users, is one of the key tenets and focus areas for Webfleet and Bridgestone Mobility Solutions,” said Mr Clarke.

“We are delighted to achieve TMA accreditation, as it demonstrates our commitment to Australian heavy vehicle operators and is another step forward in ensuring Webfleet continues to provide a world-class fleet management solution for Australian fleets,” he added.

As a level 2 certified application service provider, Webfleet will be able to support transport operators to enrol in the TMA and RIM applications of the National Telematics Framework, as well as in any government schemes that use these applications. 

TMA and RIM applications provide flexible and cost-effective ways for transport operators to take advantage of the productivity benefits made available by road authorities through the National Telematics Framework. A list of schemes using TMA and RIM applications across different jurisdictions is available on the TCA website.

TCA’s type-approval process involves a comprehensive assessment of the telematics device against the performance-based requirements in the Telematics Device Functional and Technical Specification.

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