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TCA certification helps to streamline product rulings for Fuel Tax Credit technologies 

24 January 2024

Application Service Providers (ASPs) certified by Transport Certification Australia (TCA) can soon benefit from streamlined product or class rulings1 issued by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) for technologies used for Fuel Tax Credits (FTC).

The guidance provided by the ATO in November 2023 states that: “technology providers applying for a product or class ruling on their products, or updating or developing telematics products, will not require a detailed examination of the actual data and installation process if a product is:

  • is currently certified by an independent recognised certification entity (and includes the use of type-approved telematics devices)
  • is used in conjunction with a scheme that
    • recognises the certification of the product
    • provides assurance over positional accuracy and data capture, including installation processes of hardware devices
    • has ongoing governance and assurance processes and controls to identify any errors through the scheme
    • has mitigation steps in place to identify and correct errors.”

The ATO’s ruling recognises the importance of accurate vehicle positioning and the integrity of data captured by the telematics device for ensuring correct apportionment of fuel tax credits.

TCA is considered an “independent recognised certification entity” for this purpose.

Gavin Hill, General Manager, Strategy and Delivery, said TCA will be working with telematics technology providers to develop a new scheme for FTC through the National Telematics Framework.

“We are forming a working group to help us develop a new scheme to recognise TCA’s certified Application Service Providers participating in the National Telematics Framework,” he said.

The first meeting of the working group will be scheduled in February 2024.

If you are a telematics technology provider interested in joining the working group, fill out the EOI form by 2 February 2024.

1 ATO’s product rulings for telematics devices provide technology end-users certainty about how the product works and the accuracy of data it produces. Class rulings, on the other hand, give end-users assurance that the reports can be used for record-keeping purposes.