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TCA introduces new application of the National Telematics Framework for heavy vehicle road use charging

22 March 2017

Transport Certification Australia (TCA), the national government administrator of the telematics and related intelligent technologies, today announced that it has worked with Main Roads Western Australia (MRWA) to implement a new road charging solution, which represents a further application of the National Telematics Framework and as such utilises the investments made by both governments and industry in the telematics space.

Representing a first for Australia, this new application leverages the use of certified telematics to monitor heavy vehicle road use so that road and transport agencies determine road use for charging purposes.

The application gives Governments reliable data on how heavy vehicles use the transport network and its key assets. Additionally, the information is collected, handled, and presented in a manner that manages the integrity and availability of road use data, while managing privacy – essential ingredients for charging purposes.

This new application joins applications already available through the National Telematics Framework.

The application is currently being used by MRWA to trial improved road access into the Kwinana Industrial Area to optimise safety, efficiency and productivity gains for the transport industry. With the availability of 36.5 metre road train access, participating transport operators contribute to the cost of maintenance on the roads through a contribution (click here for further information).

TCA Chief Executive Officer, Chris Koniditsiotis said, “This application is the first of its kind in Australia to enable accuracy and reliability in apportioning road contribution costs, whilst improving asset management and maintenance outcomes.”

“The development of the application, driven by progress in MRWA, is another example of how telematics can be used to provide infrastructure and productivity gains,” Mr Koniditsiotis said.

The National Telematics Framework delivers the ability to co-locate commercial and regulatory applications in a single Telematics in-vehicle unit (IVU). As an international standard, the Framework is considered world’s best practice approach to the sustainable use of telematics.

Mr Koniditsiotis confirmed, “In short, it means end-users don’t need to install separate, standalone devices to perform individual functions, significantly reducing costs.”

“With over 30,000 Telematics IVUs already installed in heavy vehicles which are currently able to meet TCA requirements (or are able to meet them with some amendments), there is a significant proportion of the heavy vehicle task that could “switch-on” this application if required.”