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TCA recognises The Fleet Office as a new RIM service provider 

22 February 2024

Transport Certification Australia (TCA) has recognised The Fleet Office as a service provider for the Road Infrastructure Management (RIM) application of the National Telematics Framework.

The Fleet Office is an Australian company serving the construction industry with its fleet management software solution since 2015.

As a registered application service provider, the Fleet Office is able to support eligible transport operators looking to benefit from greater road network access through enrolment in RIM schemes.

Road managers use applications of the National Telematics Framework, such as RIM, to improve heavy vehicle productivity and safety.

Gavin Hill, General Manager Strategy and Delivery at TCA congratulated The Fleet Office on becoming registered to offer services through the National Telematics Framework.

“Registered service providers create an essential interface between eligible transport operators and the road managers who activate RIM schemes within their jurisdictions,” he said.

“With RIM, transport operators have the option to choose from an extensive range of telematics devices or use their own telematics devices (if deemed suitable by the service provider). A key element of RIM is the standardised approach to data collection. Standardisation enables data to be collected in an efficient and low-cost manner, enabling Australasian road managers to better understand the footprint of heavy vehicle operations across their road networks through visualisations and reports made available through the Telematics Analytics Platform,” he added.

The Fleet Office Managing Director Jim Lee said the recognition by TCA was “a significant step forward” for The Fleet Office as the company aims to expand further into the transport industry.

“We’re excited to be registered with TCA,” he said. “As a trusted telematics provider Australia-wide, it’s important to continue expanding our offering to ensure we continue to cater for our clients, existing and new.”

A list of active RIM schemes is available here.

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