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TCA registers MiX by Powerfleet as a new RIM service provider 

8 May 2024

Transport Certification Australia (TCA) has registered MiX by Powerfleet as a service provider for the Road Infrastructure Management (RIM)  application of the National Telematics Framework. The registration enables MiX by Powerfleet to support eligible transport operators looking to enrol their vehicles in RIM schemes.

RIM schemes are made available by road authorities as a means for heavy vehicle operators to gain productivity benefits and improved access to road networks. They also enable road managers to gain better insights into the movement of vehicles on their networks through aggregated and de-identified reporting through the Telematics Analytics Platform.

Paddy Goodall, the General Manager of Service Delivery at TCA, congratulated MiX by Powerfleet on their recognition as a RIM service provider.

“RIM service providers create an essential interface between eligible transport operators and the road managers who activate RIM schemes within their jurisdictions,” he said.

“A key element of RIM is the standardised approach to data collection. Standardisation enables data to be collected in an efficient and low-cost manner, enabling Australasian road managers to better understand the footprint of heavy vehicle operations across their road networks,” he added.

MiX by Powerfleet Managing Director Brodie von Berg said acquiring registration from TCA was an “important milestone” for the company and one that was expected to aid operational processes for its current and future customers.

“Fleet operators are faced with complex challenges when it comes to operating safe, efficient, and compliant fleets, and we will continue to build on our ecosystem to support these needs,” he commented.

A list of all telematics schemes enabling heavy vehicles to operate on the Australian road network is available here.

Interested in providing RIM services through the National Telematics Framework? Contact TCA today.

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