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TCA type-approves Geotab’s GO9 telematics device  

22 January 2024

Transport Certification Australia (TCA) is pleased to announce the type-approval of Geotab’s GO9-LTM telematics device up to Level 2 assurance.

Details of the new type-approved telematics device from Geotab are listed below:

Device modelLevel of assurance supportedCellular connection
Geotab Australia

Firmware details

Levels 2, 1*4G
*The Geotab GO9-LTM telematics device is not currently supported by a certified or registered Application Service Provider. The device cannot be used at this time for schemes offered through the Road Infrastructure Management (Level 1 assurance) or Telematics Monitoring Application (Level 2 assurance). 

Gavin Hill, General Manager, Strategy and Delivery at TCA said: “Obtaining type-approval for the GO9-LTM provides Geotab’s clients and end-users with confidence that the device has been independently assessed by TCA and meets the performance-based requirements outlined in the Telematics Device Functional and Technical Specification. This includes, among others, assessment of the device’s physical and environmental characteristics, data collection, record generation and data security capabilities.”

David Brown, Geotab’s Associate Vice President of Sales for the Asia-Pacific Region, commented: “Receiving type-approval from TCA is a significant milestone for Geotab, as it reflects our standing as a trusted telematics provider in Australia. It also underscores our steadfast commitment to technological innovation which can improve road safety.”

“Obtaining TCA type-approval for the GO9-LTM exemplifies our commitment to testing and adherence to the highest standards in telematics,” he added.

Geotab is progressing its submission to become a certified Application Service Provider to offer services through  the National Telematics Framework during 2024.

Subject to the attainment of the certification, Geotab’s GO9-LTM telematics device may, in the future, be used for the Telematics Monitoring Application and the Road Infrastructure Management schemes offered through the National Telematics Framework.

Details of telematics devices type-approved by TCA are available on the TCA website.

About Geotab

Geotab is a global company with over 20 years of industry experience providing vehicle and asset tracking telematics solutions. Backed by a team of data scientists and Al experts, Geotab supports over 50,000 customers in 160 countries.

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