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Teletrac Navman obtains type-approval for new telematics device

19 January 2022

Transport Certification Australia is pleased to announce the type-approval of a new telematics device from Teletrac Navman.

The VT102 meets the highest level of assurance which can be obtained through the National Telematics Framework. Having been type-approved at Level 3, the telematics device can be used across a wide range of applications and schemes offered through the Framework.

Details of the new type-approved telematics device from Teletrac Navman are listed below:

ProviderModelFirmware VersionLevels of Assurance supported
Teletrac NavmanVT102A0.18.1Levels 3, 2, 1

Type-approval involves the assessment of telematics devices against the performance-based requirements contained in TCA’s Telematics Device Functional and Technical Specification.

Mr Andrew Rossington, Chief Product Officer at Teletrac Navman, said, “This next generation device for the future adds to our suite of telematics solutions available to the industry, allowing operators to choose the right solution for their needs, using applications of the National Telematics Framework.”

He added, “The VT102 supports current applications of the National Telematics Framework, such as the Road Infrastructure Management (RIM) application, Telematics Monitoring Application (TMA) and Intelligent Access Program (IAP) – already available through Teletrac Navman for transport businesses looking to improve access and increase payload.”

“The new device has been designed to support the widest possible variety of use cases. This provides customers with the flexibility of being able to opt-in into regulatory applications without needing to upgrade their hardware.”

Mr Rossington said, “Telematics has been the cornerstone of breaking down performance barriers within the transport industry—with more than 15 years’ experience in the field, Teletrac Navman is dedicated to the ongoing development of technology that helps operators meet the standards to enrol in and reap the significant benefits of crucial road access arrangements, and other technology-based reforms in the future.

Find out more about Teletrac Navman on the website.

Details of telematics devices approved by TCA are available at tca.gov.au/type-approved-device.

Interested in offering telematics through the National Telematics Framework? Talk to us, or visit tca.gov.au/telematics-device.

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