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Type-approval applications now open for On-Board Mass (OBM) systems

23 May 2017

Transport Certification Australia (TCA), the national government body responsible for providing assurance in the use of telematics and related intelligent technologies, has today announced it is now accepting applications for type-approval of OBM Systems.

Following the recent release of the OBM System Functional and Technical Specification, type-approval will make available to end users OBM Systems which have been independently assessed, and can deliver the assurance sought to underpin productivity and safety gains.

TCA Chief Executive Officer, Mr Chris Koniditsiotis said, “TCA type-approval is more than just a technical assessment of OBM Systems, and extends to an assessment of the business standing of OBM System suppliers. This holistic approach to type-approval delivers assurance in two critical ways.”

“Firstly, a probity and financial assessment ensures the legitimacy and financial standing of suppliers seeking type-approval of their OBM System. The outcomes of the probity and financial assessment are critical indicators of OBM System suppliers’ ability to deliver the level of business continuity and support expected by stakeholders.”

“Secondly, by performing an independent assessment of OBM System ‘types’, type-approval ensures that each of the performance-based requirements contained in the OBM System Functional and Technical Specification are satisfied.”

“The functional and technical assessment of OBM System ‘types’ focuses on performancebased outcomes, rather than prescribing technological approaches. TCA recognises that there are often many different ways to achieve an outcome, fostering innovation and best practice, and importantly, promoting competition and choice for end-users.”

“This approach is a hallmark of the National Telematics Framework, which provides a marketplace of certified services and type-approved hardware and systems which offer assurance to industry and government alike.”

“Over time, we expect a variety of type-approved OBM Systems to become available in the marketplace,” said Mr Koniditsiotis.

“With OBM System suppliers having provided valuable input and feedback on the OBM System Functional and Technical Specification, I expect many OBM System suppliers are ready to commence the type-approval process with TCA.”

“With our focus on promoting competition and choice, the Board of TCA has approved a discount on the full cost of type-approval for OBM System suppliers where all the documentation necessary for type-approval is completed and received by TCA within 60 calendar days of today’s date.”

OBM System suppliers are reminded that TCA is not a testing house. The applicant’s substantiation of conformance with requirements is paramount to the speed at which type-approval can be granted by TCA.

Further information on OBM System type-approval, including the application process can be found at the OBM Type approval page.