What is type-approval?

TCA independently assesses hardware and system ‘types’ for conformance against performance-based requirements contained in TCA’s functional and technical specifications.

TCA type-approval is more than just a technical assessment, it extends to an assessment of the business standing of Suppliers. This holistic approach to type-approval delivers assurance in two critical ways.

Firstly, a probity and financial assessment ensures the legitimacy and financial standing of suppliers seeking type-approval. The outcomes of the probity and financial assessment are critical indicators of a suppliers’ ability to deliver the level of business continuity and support expected by stakeholders.

Secondly, by performing an independent assessment of ‘types’, type-approval ensures that each of the performance-based requirements contained in TCA's Functional and Technical Specification are satisfied.

Suppliers of hardware and system 'types' which have been type-approved by TCA are identified by the TCA Type-Approved logo:

TCA currently offers type-approval for Telematics In-Vehicle Units (IVUs) and On-Board Mass (OBM) Systems.

Type-approval of Telematics In-Vehicle Units (IVUs)

TCA type-approves Telematics IVU 'types' against the Telematics In-Vehicle Unit (IVU) Functional and Technical Specification.

All type-approved Telematics IVUs are accompanied by a certificate of conformance.

A current list of Telematics IVUs type-approved by TCA can be found here.

Type-approval of On-Board Mass (OBM) Systems

TCA type-approves OBM Systems against the OBM Functional and Technical Specification.

All type-approved OBM Systems supplied to consumers are accompanied by a certificate of conformance.

A current list of type-approved OBM Systems can be found here.