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Industry Framework for Trialling Road Freight Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and Associated Technologies

The Victorian Freight and Logistics Plan (2013) provides a clear vision for ensuring Victoria remains Australia’s freight and logistics capital and aims to develop and run freight technology demonstration projects that improve road use and management.

To further the Plan, in 2015 TCA and VicRoads launched  a  new  industry  framework  for trialling road freight Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and associated technologies. Announced by the Victorian Minister for Roads, Road Safety and Ports, the Hon Luke Donnellan MP, the initiative is amongst the first of its kind, and will allow the heavy vehicle, freight and ITS industries to come forward with innovative proposals to trial ITS technologies that can improve the operation of heavy vehicles on the Victorian road network.

The Industry Framework for Trialling Road Freight ITS and Associated Technologies was completed during 2016-17 and a final report was finalised by TCA and VicRoads, which presented key observations, learnings and recommendations for future initiatives.

About the operational trials being deployed on the Victorian road network in 2016

Teletrac Navman (Transtech)

Teletrac Navman (Transtech) used in-vehicle navigation technology, combined with data provided by VicRoads, to direct heavy vehicles onto appropriate routes based on their vehicle mass, length, width and height.

The data was used in navigation systems to help prevent drivers unintentionally driving on unsuitable parts of the network, including under low bridges and roads that cannot safely accommodate vehicles due to mass loadings and/or dimensions, and will set a precedent for road managers in other jurisdictions.

Significantly, VicRoads is the first Road Manager in the country to make road attribute data available in this way.

TCA has now commenced  work  with  road  and  transport  agencies  from  other  jurisdictions  to release road attribute data for heavy vehicles. TCA has established a nationally consistent approach for the provision and maintenance of data from road managers, as part of the National Telematics Framework , to ensure heavy vehicle route guidance systems – like that offered by Teletrac Navman can be relied upon by heavy vehicle drivers nationwide.

Vehicle Monitoring Corporation (VMC)

VMC partnered with BOC Linde, ELGAS and Cootes Transport to trial in-vehicle technology to ensure that vehicles carrying dangerous goods – for example, compressed and combustible gas – are operating safely.

In another Australian first, the trial demonstrated how real-time data collection can improve the safety management of dangerous goods vehicles operating on the Victorian road network.

This involved intercepts by VicRoads personnel to verify the automatic capture of information, includes mass, loading, trip details.

Mass loading information collected through the VMC system were verified by VicRoads against calibrated weigh scales.

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