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Operational Pilot of the Electronic Work Diary (EWD)

TCA worked with the New South Wales Government between 2011 and 2013 to assess the feasibility of the Electronic Work Diary (EWD) in an operational setting.

The Operational Pilot formed part of the New South Wales Government’s Road Toll Response Package, and involved stakeholders from the heavy vehicle industry, the technology sector, road and transport agencies and Police.

The outcomes of the Operational Pilot led to recommendations which assisted in further developing policy – which was led by the National Transport Commission (NTC) – and functional and technical requirements for EWDs – which was led by TCA.


The Pilot found EWDs to be technically and operationally feasible, and identified the safety benefits that can be realised through EWDs, which have the potential to save lives and reduce road trauma where driver fatigue is a contributing factor.

The Final Report – Operational Pilot of Electronic Work Diaries and Speed Monitoring Systems (Pilot) was released by Transport for New South Wales in October 2013.

The release of the Final Report coincided with the release of TCA’s release of the EWD Functional and Technical Specification (Draft), along with a paper by NTC – Preparing Australia for Electronic Work Diaries: Regulatory Issues Paper.

The Draft Specification aligns with international ISO standards for regulated telematics applications – offering a performance-based, multi-provider model which promotes flexibility and innovation, and provides choice for transport operators