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High Productivity Freight Vehicle Monitoring

The High Productivity Freight Vehicle Monitoring schemes are made available by the Department of Transport, Victoria, to enable access of eligible HPFVs on approved routes of the Victorian road network:

Refer to the Department of Transport information sheet for more information on HPFVs:

One of the conditions of access to the network is telematics monitoring of HPFVs. Transport operators may opt for eligible vehicles to be monitored under the Telematics Monitoring Application (TMA) or the Intelligent Access Program (IAP), or both, as described below.

High Productivity Freight Vehicle Monitoring Schemes

There are three HPFV Monitoring schemes as follows:

SchemeAssociated ApplicationIs Mass Monitoring Required?Level of Assurance
TMA HPFV Monitoring SchemeTMAYes2
TMA HPFV Monitoring Scheme
(No Mass Monitoring)
IAP HPFV Monitoring SchemeIAPNo*3
* Note: The IAP + Mass requirement will not apply to combinations operating on the PBS Level 2B network at up to 68.5 tonnes gross combination mass (GCM) or quad-axle semi-trailers operating at up to 46 tonnes GCM.

To participate in any HPFV scheme, transport operators must conform with the requirements specified within a Class 2 permit issued by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR). Enrolment in the TMA or IAP application, or both, is one of these requirements.

Unless required by law, TCA will destroy the telematics data it has received relating to the transport operator’s nominated vehicle(s) 12 months from its receipt of the data.

TCA will analyse data received through the TMA or IAP application, and make reports available via the Telematics Analytics Platform (TAP).

Enrolment in TMA or IAP HPFV Monitoring Schemes

Transport operators may choose to enrol eligible vehicles in an appropriate TMA HPFV Monitoring scheme or both a TMA and IAP HPFV Monitoring scheme as shown in the figure below, noting that:

  • Location is monitored either through enrolment in a TMA or IAP HPFV Monitoring scheme, as selected by the transport operator.
  • Mass is monitored with a Smart OBM system only through enrolment in the TMA HPFV Monitoring Scheme (i.e. only for combinations that exceed 68.5 tonnes GCM or quad-axle semi-trailers that exceed 46 tonnes GCM up to a maximum mass of 50.5 tonnes GCM).

For more information on TMA HPFV Monitoring schemes, please:

Last updated on 9 December 2022