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Livestock Loading Scheme

The TMA Livestock Loading Scheme is a scheme associated with the Telematics Monitoring Application (TMA) of the National Telematics Framework.

The scheme is administered by Transport for NSW, (as the Authority), to enable access of B-Triple and AB-Triple vehicles on approved routes of the NSW road network.

Transport for NSW has made amendment to the New South Wales Class 3 Livestock Transportation Exemption Notice to provide a more flexible approach to telematics requirements. Eligible vehicles now have the option to enrol in this TMA scheme or they can elect to remain enrolled in the Intelligent Access Program (IAP).

To participate in the scheme, transport operators must conform with the requirements specified within the Notice. Enrolment in TMA or IAP is one of these requirements.

Transport operators can enrol vehicles in the scheme by contacting a certified Application Service Provider (ASP).

TCA must approve telematics devices used in the scheme. The telematics device used in this scheme will generate position records and report them to TCA.

Unless required by law, TCA will destroy the telematics data it has received relating to the transport operator’s nominated vehicle(s) 12 months from its receipt of the data.

TCA will analyse data received through the TMA application, and reports will be made available via the Telematics Analytics Platform (TAP).

Find out more details on the scheme by downloading a copy of the TMA Livestock Loading Scheme document.

For more information on this scheme, please contact us.

Last updated on 25 June 2021