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TCA type-approves Knorr-Bremse OBM system

29 July 2021

Transport Certification Australia today announced Knorr-Bremse Australia Pty Ltd has obtained type-approval for an On-board Mass (OBM) system.

The Knorr-Bremse Group is a world-leading manufacturer of braking systems. Based in Munich, Germany, Knorr-Bremse has a long footprint in Australia.

Gareth Lawless, Trailer Business Manager of Knorr-Bremse Australia, said, “For more than 115 years, we have pioneered to deliver cutting-edge and globally-successful brake control systems for both rail and commercial vehicles.

“Innovation is one of our key core values and forms part of our company’s DNA, so attaining TCA type-approval of our OBM system is yet another significant milestone for our company.

“For our Australian technical team that developed our OBM system, it is a wonderful achievement.”

Gareth added, “We are now focussing our efforts on ensuring the Knorr-Bremse OBM system is available for our clients by the end of this year.”

On-board mass (OBM) systems measure the mass of axle groups and calculate the gross vehicle mass of a vehicle.

Type-approval involves the assessment of OBM system ‘types’ against the performance-based requirements contained in the OBM System Functional and Technical Specification.

Details of the Knorr-Bremse OBM system type-approved by TCA are listed below:

SupplierOBM system modelCategoryMSU* model
Knorr-Bremse Pty AustraliaCV3461OBM system
(Category A)
ELC ECU: P/N.0504004403N00 (for the prime mover drive axle)
TEBS G2.2 Premium: P/N.K110612V02N49
*MSU means Mass Sensor Unit, which is the individual mass sensor fitted to each axle group.

There are three categories of type-approved OBM Systems (Categories A, B and C) which meet the needs of different stakeholders. Category A OBM systems electronically display mass information to drivers and/or loaders.  Find out more about OBM systems at tca.gov.au/obm.

See also our one-pager fact sheet with differences between categories of OBM systems – visit tca.gov.au/obm-factsheet.

Interested in offering type-approved OBM systems through the National Telematics Framework? Talk to us, or visit tca.gov.au/type-approved-obm.

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