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On-Board Mass System Functional and Technical Specification

The On-Board Mass System Functional and Technical Specification contains requirements for:

  • Physical characteristics
  • Environmental characteristics
  • Data collection
  • Record generation
  • Functionality
  • Data storage
  • Data security and transfer
  • Interconnection to a telematics in-vehicle unit (IVU)
  • Installation, calibration, operation and maintenance.

The On-Board Mass System Functional and Technical Specification may be used for the following broad purposes:

  • For service providers assessing current on-board mass (OBM) system offered to transport operators
  • For service providers of OBM systems applying for type-approval
  • For transport operators assessing current OBM systems (already fitted to vehicles)
  • For transport operators comparing different OBM systems (when procuring new OBM systems)

Note: TCA cannot and does not make any representation that OBM systems that have not been type-approved by TCA satisfy the requirements of the specification. It is solely the responsibility of the user to satisfy themselves whether a non-type approved OBM system meets the specification and that the service provider is a legitimate business with sufficient financial standing.

  • For transport operators entering into business arrangements with providers of OBM systems (by demanding that OBM systems satisfy the requirements of the specification when preparing tenders and contracts).

Alternatively, transport operators can purchase OBM systems that have been type-approved by TCA.

A Certificate of Conformance for each type-approved OBM system will be made available by the service provider (or associated agent, distributor or retailer) at the point of supply to consumers of each OBM system.

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Categories of OBM systems

The specification differentiates OBM systems into three categories, as detailed in the table below:

Category AOBM systems that electronically display mass information to drivers and/or loaders
Category BOBM systems that collect and transmit mass information to telematics IVUs
Category COBM systems that collect and transmit mass information in a standardised way to telematics devices (in accordance with TCA’s Interconnectivity Specification) providing ‘plug and play’ capabilities to telematics IVUs
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