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Taxi and Hire Cars

TCA has provided advice to the Victorian Taxi Services Commission (TSC) and the Translink Division of the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) to support technology based reforms.

For the TSC, TCA performed an operational assessment of real time data volumes associated with the real-time data transimission requirement contained within the Fare Device Functional and Technical Specification.

TCA’s test vehicle simulated a taxi operating in a number of scenarios, including peak/off-peak periods, and urban and regional locations. This assisted the preparation of the TSC’s Regulatory Impact Statement, and the design of its data warehouse to receive real-time transmissions from taxis across Victoria.

For the Translink Division of TMR, TCA provided advice on the implementation of its Taxi Security Camera Program, and assessed the functional and technical conformance of different cameras against the requirements of the Queensland Taxi Security Camera System Specifications.

Input from TCA led to an improved Specification that better aligned policy intent with the capabilities of safety camera providers.