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Our People

At TCA, our people are integral to our success. Our commitment to providing a culture of performance, development, safety and fairness during the year enable our people to operate at their best and our organisation to deliver on our strategic objectives.

We employ staff across a range of highly specialized and technical disciplines. Our rigorous recruitment practices include skills and psychometric testing, and our staff are encouraged to participate in external and internal training to make sure their skills and knowledge are continuously improved.

We support our people through ongoing development and learning opportunities and create a supportive team environment for all our people.

TCA promotes a culture of professionalism, innovation and integrity, with a commitment to accountability, quality and excellence in the delivery of all the services we offer. We pay attention to maintaining a safe and welcoming work environment, where all staff have equal access to opportunities.

We strive to be an employer of choice.

Last updated on 20 March 2023