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Victorian Government sets Smart-OBM deadline for High Productivity Freight Vehicles

10 February 2023

The Department of Transport and Planning Victoria has announced 30 June 2023 as the final deadline to have Smart On-board Mass (OBM) fitted to certain High Productivity Freight Vehicles (HPFVs). 

The deadline applies to the following classes of vehicles: 

  • Multi-combination vehicles (longer than 26m) with Gross Combination Mass (GCM) exceeding 68.5 tonnes  
  • Quad-axle semi-trailers with a GCM in excess of 46.0 tonnes
  • Split-axle semi-trailers with a GCM in excess of 43.5 tonnes

Beyond this date, the mass limits of these vehicles will be restricted if not fitted with Smart OBM, as detailed below: 

Vehicle combinationRestricted Mass Limit  
(for combinations without Smart OBM

from 30 June 2023) 
Mass Limit with Smart OBM 
Vehicles longer than 26m68.5 tonnes 85.5 tonnes 
Quad-axle semi-trailers46.0 tonnes 50.0 tonnes 
Split-axle semi-trailers43.5 tonnesDetermined on a case-by-case basis

The introduction of Smart OBM broadens access to the network, delivers easier first-and-last-kilometre approval, reduces the need for permits, and provides greater protection for Victoria’s roads and bridges. 

The rollout of Smart OBM is also critical to Victoria’s plans to expand access for configurations like B-triples and A-B triples. 

The deadline follows more than two years of extensions and industry consultation to enable operators of eligible vehicles time to adjust to the new requirements. 

Operators of subject vehicles must perform the following tasks by 30 June 2023: 

  1. Select and fit a Category B or Category C Type-Approved Smart OBM system, which is paired with your certified Application Service Provider (ASP).
  2. Enrol in either the Intelligent Access Program (IAP) or Telematics Monitoring Application (TMA).*
  3. Sign the data-sharing consent agreement supplied by a certified (ASP). 

*Please note that the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads will be transitioning certain classes of vehicles from IAP to TMA by 31 May 2024. This might affect Victorian operators who also run their fleet in Queensland.

Who offers Smart OBM systems?

Smart OBM systems that have been type-approved by TCA are now available from several major suppliers. A list of type-approved Smart OBMs systems is available here.

Smart OBM systems also need to be paired with a certified Application Service Provider (ASP). A list of type-approved telematics devices provided by certified ASPs that are compatible with Smart OBM systems is available here.

TCA hosted a webinar on 17 March 2023 about the Victorian Government’s changes to Smart OBM requirements. A recording of the webinar is available here.

More information can be found on the Victorian DTP website.