TCA's administration of telematics and related intelligent technology applications and programs provide assurance to governments, industry sectors and end-users through the certification and audit of Service Providers.

Certification is the process by which TCA determines whether a company seeking to be TCA Certified meets the probity, financial, functional and technical standards of the program.

TCA Certified Service Providers are identified through the TCA Certified logo:

Intelligent Access Program (IAP)

TCA administers the IAP – a technical, functional and regulatory framework to manage heavy vehicle access through the use of telematics – on behalf of Australian Governments to advance productivity, asset sustainability, road safety and
environmental outcomes together. The IAP provides a 21st century solution to ensure ‘the right truck is on the right road at the right time’.

Certified Telematics Service (CTS)

TCA administers the Certified Telematics Service (CTS) which is available to provide independently certified and audited telematics and related intelligent technologies. CTS references a nationally agreed suite of technical, functional, business and legal requirements, and leverages TCA’s established certification and audit program for telematics for Australian Governments. Services certified as a CTS by TCA can include a combination of components form the CTS Framework to satisfy different business and user needs, where public purpose outcomes are sought.

Intelligent Speed Compliance (ISC)

ISC is a TCA Certified service which utilises a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) to independently monitor the speed of a heavy vehicle. Speed is continuously measured and calculated on a rolling average through ISC. ISC can be used by regulators to obtain assurance that heavy vehicles are not exceeding a set speed threshold, and/or to detect faulty speed limiter devices.