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Service Offerings

Managing Service Providers

We manage providers that offer services in the National Telematics Framework. This includes:

  • Registration (Level 1 assurance applications, such as RIM)
  • Certification and audit of service providers (Level 2 and 3 assurance applications, such as TMA and IAP respectively)
  • Approval of devices and systems.

Managing Telematics Applications

We manage applications and features within the National Telematics Framework. This includes:

  • Providing oversight of the delivery of services by providers, against performance-based requirements
  • Applying the right levels of assurance
  • Ensuring business rules for each application (and scheme) are satisfied.

Approving Hardware

We approve devices and systems, including telematics devices and on-board mass systems.

Providing Data Analysis and Reporting

We provide analysis and reporting from data collected through applications of the National Telematics Framework. This includes:

  • The provision of data reports and analysis through the Telematics Analytics Platform (TAP)
  • Specialised reporting for specific needs and purposes
  • Interactive maps and visualisations

Providing Advice

We provide independent, trusted advice on any initiative that involves telematics and transport technologies to:

  • Policy makers and program managers
  • Technology providers
  • Users of telematics.

Last updated on 2 July 2021