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First provider registered for the Road Infrastructure Management application

3 January 2020

Transport Certification Australia is pleased to announce V-DAQ as the first approved registered provider of Road Infrastructure Management (RIM), an application of the National Telematics Framework.

V-DAQ is an Australian company that provides the opportunity of intelligence and connectivity to vehicles using its high precision telematics device and data distribution platform. V-DAQ makes it easy for transport operators to benefit from data across a range of applications and services, such as asset management and smart infrastructure integration.

“At V-DAQ, we work hand-in-hand with advanced and emerging technologies to provide industry leading products and services to a wide range of applications,” said Rylan Kolb, Managing Director at V-DAQ. “We’re delighted to be a part of RIM.”

As the first provider registered for RIM, V-DAQ can now provide the RIM application to the market. This complements the work of transport operators already participating in the initial deployment of RIM through the SPECTS road access scheme.

A key element of the RIM application is that transport operators can use their existing telematics devices and providers.

“We look forward to working with transport operators who are seeking to use RIM to collect and benefit from road data from their vehicles—it’s easy to get started, we’ll handle the enrolment process for you,” said Mr. Kolb.

If you are a transport operator, or wish to find out about RIM, including how it works and its benefits, please speak to your service provider to ensure they are moving to register for RIM. Your service provider will handle the enrolment process for you.

If you are a telematics provider, please contact TCA directly to obtain an information pack for RIM registration. Talk to us by phone on (03) 8601 4600 or contact us.

You can also access the following specifications:

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