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The National Telematics Framework facilitates the creation and use of offerings and applications by using a common infrastructure rules through a government endorsed digital business platform.


The National Telematics Framework is a digital business platform consisting of infrastructure and rules that support an open marketplace of telematics and related intelligent technology providers.

The National Telematics Framework:

  • Provides a national platform for the use of telematics and related intelligent technologies
  • Supports different applications across regulatory, contractual and commercial needs
  • Supports different levels of assurance
  • Is outcome focussed and encourages innovation.

The adoption of the National Telematics Framework for the delivery of offerings and applications both for public policy and private decision making is a world first. It has positioned Australia as the leader in the delivery of such services through the advent of the digital economy.

The National Telematics Framework was established following a series of decisions made by Responsible Ministers between 2003 and 2008 and was globally recognised as an International Standard (ISO 15638) in 2012.

The National Telematics Framework brings together producers and consumers to create and utilise offerings and applications, which take advantage of the common digital business platform.

The National Telematics Framework consists of a common set of infrastructure and rules administered by TCA on behalf of Australian Governments.

This provides an ecosystem to manage relationships and interactions between three key entities:

  • Producers
  • Providers
  • Consumers.


The suite of National Telematics Framework documents consists of documents which describe the common components of the Framework, the different Levels of Assurance available and using applications within the Framework.


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